Criterion NDT

USA-based Criterion NDT specializes in engineered eddy current inspection solutions for the non-destructive testing of critical or essential components.
We serve the needs of major automotive OEMs, tier suppliers, industrial products manufacturers, and medical device companies. We offer both single-channel, single-frequency instruments in addition to multi-channel, multi-frequency inspection instruments for more complex inspections. Our eddy current instruments and probes have been developed specifically for the component test market, and are simple to incorporate into semi- or fully-automated systems
With more than 60 years of combined industry experience, Criterion NDT’s team of Applications Engineers has the know-how to develop solutions to meet your inspection requirements at the best possible price. We also offer no-charge consultations and feasibility testing. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business meet its goals for quality and consistency in the manufacturing process
All products manufactured in the USA.
美國的Criterion NDT專為對關鍵或基本工件進行非破壞性測試的渦流電工程檢測提供解決方案。


Criterion NDT的應用工程師團隊擁有超過60年的綜合行業經驗,擁有開發解決方案的專業知識,盡可能以最佳的價格滿足您的檢驗要求。我們還提供免費諮詢和可行性測試。馬上聯繫我們,了解我們如何幫助您的企業達到其製造過程質量和一致性的目標